Happy New Year And Welcome 2017!

A Gentle Reminder For The New Year

As we go forward into this brave new world I will remind you that the true nature of your self has been hidden from you.

Social media, television, pop music and group think will do nothing to help you be a FREE "natural person" in the year 2017.

The moment you align yourself with one "group" be it gays, whites, blacks, feminists, democrats, republicans, the morbidly obese, poor or otherwise "victim class” you become divided from your own self. Not only that; but where there is a victim there must always be an oppressor. Thus, being triggered will only cause undue anger with no real "natural person" to take it out on. This behavior is very disruptive to your natural harmony.

When “Natural Law” becomes the way of the world; there will be no groups, there will be only people.

There is an energy that binds us all as brothers and sisters and your preference to defend one will always leave a deficit in understanding the others.

The law of conservation of energy applies to humans as well as any other type of energy. In other words; your misused energy can only be spent once before you need to recharge.

Where you place that energy affects the planet as a whole; beginning with those closest to you and radiating outward.

Wouldn't it be something if leadership, media, social pressure and indoctrination were all working together to keep that energy going in the wrong direction?

In any efficient mechanical system; friction needs to be overcome.

In other words; you're bleeding heart and desire to "do the right thing" comes at a cost.

That cost is anger. Anger towards a "perceived" enemy that may not even exist.

Anger = Friction in the equation of life.

The following is good advice for the coming year:

A "FREE" Society will generally gravitate towards justice.

Genuinely "bad" people will be ostracized naturally. Ask yourself: "How many bad people do I associate with?"

The answer is likely to be zero.

Your energy is yours and yours alone. You should be "FREE" to dispense it as you see fit.

Ask yourself: "Am I doing what I want with my energy?"

The initial response might be "Yes, of course I am."

Deeper examination may reveal something quite different.

You are being distracted and your energy is being used against you.

Nothing will change if we keep doing the same thing again and again.

I am not telling you anything new; you already know this.

Nothing good is free so here's your homework for 2017:

Research: ad hominem attack.

Research: straw man theory.

Recognize the friction and eliminate it from your equation.

As your future president I say to all Americans and "Natural Persons" of the world:

"Happy New Year And Best Wishes for 2017! You've got this."